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AERC’s monthly magazine, Endurance News, is filled with information for the endurance rider. Find out more about the current issue and access archived issues.
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RIDE CANCELLATION: The Southeast Region Citrus Stampede ride on October 2 & 3 has been cancelled due to a serious car accident involving the ride manager. Please look for it on the calendar in the fall of 2016!
RIDE CANCELLATION: The Northeast Region Jedi Horsemanship Mt. Spokane I & II on 9/5 & 9/6/15 have been canceled due to the wildfires burning in Washington Watch for this ride next year!
CHARITY CUP RELOCATION: Due to damage from a severe windstorm, the September 12 MW Region ride will now be held at the Gov. Knowles State Forest near St. Croix, Wisconsin.
RIDE CANCELLATION: The Mountain Region Black Hills Gold ride on September 26 & 27 has been cancelled due to a nearby VS outbreak. Watch for this ride next year!
"ENDURANCE DAY" on the Horse Radio Network -- Listen to Endurance Day, a monthly show on the Horse Radio Network's Horses in the Morning show. Hosted by Karen Chaton, Endurance Day is a popular show on the #1 horse podcasting network in the horse world. Click find Karen's podcasts.
RIDE CANCELLATION: Due to wildfire and trail closures, the Eastern High Sierra Classic (West Region, August 22 & 23) has been cancelled. Plan to attend their 30th anniversary next year!
AERC ROSE PARADE DONATIONS will go to help the group members purchase matching gear and clothing for their mounted entry in the 2016 Tournament of Roses Parade! If you have a PayPal account, go to, click "Send" and then after noting "" note "Friends & Family" and you're all set. If you wish to send a check, make it out to Amanda Waterfield-Gibson (note: Parade Group on your check) and mail to 11582 Santiago Peak, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737. Contact the Parade Riders Group if you have any questions. (Donations are not tax-deductible but will be much appreciated!)
AERC FALL SPECIAL FOR NEW MEMBERS! Join for the rest of the 2015 and ALL of 2016 ride season for $88.75 (a $31.25 savings)! Sign up by 8/18 and you'll receive the September Endurance News magazine also! For fastest service, call the office to sign up: 866-271-2372, or fill out the Fall Special registration form and mail it to the AERC office with a check. See you on the trails!
JUST SANCTIONED: Just added to the Northwest Region calendar is the Titanium Run 3-Day Pioneer in St. John, British Columbia, this September. Lots of options! 9/19: 30/50/75; 9/20: 35/55/75/1-day 100; 9/21: 30/50/75. Ride manager is Tyler Branch. See calendar listing for details!
RIDE CANCELLATION: Because of fire danger leading to no permits being issues, the Old Selam 30/50 (Sept. 5) and 25/50 (Sept. 6) in the NW Region has been cancelled. This is a long-running ride -- watch for this ride again in 2016!
RIDE CANCELLATION: The Jubilee Ranch Ride on Oct. 2 & 3 (NW Region) has been cancelled due to trail issues.
RIDE CANCELLATION: The Tonto Tango on December 19 (SW Region) has been cancelled -- watch for this new ride next year once trail issues are resolved.
NEW AERC WEBSITE: After months of planning, welcome to the new AERC website. Take some time to explore, try out the new calendar, view your ride results, and reset your "favorite" pages. The site was specifically designed to be fully functional on any kind of device. Contact the AERC office if you spot any difficulties.
UPCOMING BOARD MEETINGS: The AERC Board of Directors conference call meetings scheduled before next February's convention are September 14, October 12, November 9, December 14 and January 11. Contact your board representatives if you have any questions or comments to share.
Ride managers: send your ride flyers to for posting to the ride calendar page.
AERC MEMBER JACKET: Order your AERC jacket -- you choose the embroidery! Include your name and your equine(s)' name(s) plus any accomplishment you wish to show the world! Visit our secure order site: AERC Jacket Order Form (by JotForm) to order your jacket! (Note: they are the same style as the Decade Team jacket.)
ENDURANCE 101 CLINICS for new/potential new endurance riders! Check out the AERC Clinic Page if you are interested in finding out more about endurance riding (or would like to put on a clinic in your area)!
AERC'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL -- This is the place for great educational videos to check out as you begin your endurance riding career. Thanks to Dr. Susan Garlinghouse and Ken and Julie Herrera for their efforts in making this project a reality. Click for: AERC's YouTube Channel.
REGIONAL MENTORS LIST! Look on the Education tab under Mentor Program. If you're interested in being a mentor, please contact Bruce Weary,
MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY: The most current, updated version of the membership directory is available to members via their log-in page. But if you'd like a copy of the directory mailed to you, we are happy to do so for any AERC member. Send a note to the Publications Desk with your name and AERC number, and please confirm your mailing address.
100-MILE AWARD PROGRAM: Honor your 100-mile horse who has reached the Bronze (3-100s), Silver (7-100s), Gold (10-100s) or Platinum (15+ 100s) levels. Print out the 100 Mile Award Order Form and send it in to the AERC office.
Check out AERC'S FACEBOOK PAGE. Send in your photos (those with photographers' reprint OK), note upcoming events, and connect with other endurance riders and endurance newcomers.
AERC CAFE PRESS STORE! Check it out at the AERC store!

Press Releases

CACHE CREEK TRAILS GRANT: The Stalley Family of Northern California share their example of excellent use of an AERC trails grant at the BLM-managed Payne Ranch, site of the AERC Cache Creek Ride. Read more in the August 2015 press release.

AERC FALL SPECIAL: The Fall Special is back by popular demand for 2015-2016 new members. Read more in the August 2015 press release.

HORSE RADIO NETWORK SPONSORSHIP: AERC has signed on to sponsor Horses in the Morning "Endurance Day," hosted once a month by Karen Chaton, on the Horse Radio Network. Read AERC's press release.

WEBSITE REDESIGN: The website redesign was announced in a press release.

DISCOVER ENDURANCE RIDING: AERC's promotional booklet was released in May of 2015 (and has been getting rave reviews). Please click for the May 2015 Press Release.


Discover Endurance Riding Booklets
16 page full-color newsprint booklets contain information about endurance riding and touching stories by many AERC members. Call or email the AERC office -- just let the office staff members know how many booklets you'd like to have to hand out to potential new members. Call 866-271-2372 to order.

Each One Add One
"I Got Mine" bumper stickers are available on request for members who encourage a new member to sign up with AERC. Just let the office staff know and we'll be happy to send one out.

AERC Brochures
Four-color tri-fold brochures promoting AERC are available upon request from the office for you to distribute at local tack stores, horse clubs . . . just about anywhere you can find riders who might be interested in endurance riding. Call 866-271-2372 to order!
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