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AERC International

AERC International is the AERC liaison in the USA for FEI International Equine Endurance Rides

What's New

New!Interested in NAJYRC or NAETC? The selection procedures is posted online on the USEF website.

Interested in serving as a selector? Information about applying for a selector position is available here. You must apply by April 30, 2011.

Here it is: the 2011 FEI event calendar (pending approval by the USEF Executive Committee and FEI) -- updated 10/10.

Check out the new Arabian Horse Galleries in Lexington, Kentucky.

AERC International Endurance Mentor List.

New!Ranking Trials for the 2011 Competition Season -- new 3/11.

7.3MB Powerpoint presentation given by Becky Hart at the 2009 AERC Convention.

Start To Finish: From AERC to FEI in the USA -- here's a blueprint for FEI competitions, added 3/4/09.

Information about the USEF Endurance Rider Ranking List.

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has established the Endurance National Training List. Competitors have earned points over the last year at pre-determined Ranking Trials. Points are earned by the riders, not horses. The athletes' best two performances were used in establishing their ranking.

The top 25 riders make up the National Training List. The Endurance Chef d'Equipe may name "wild card" riders at their discretion but the maximum number of National Training List riders cannot exceed 35. The listed riders must declare the horse or horses which will participate in the Training Program in preparation for future International competitions.

The list will be updated on a regular basis. Any rider on the National Training List at any time during a competitionŐs application period is eligible to apply to compete at the competition.

Questions regarding the list should be directed to Vonita Bowers at vbowers@usef.org.

Welcome to AERC International! In March 1991, the AERC Board of Directors established a special membership category for those interested in supporting international endurance riding. For years, the AERC-I Committee served to establish and develop international endurance riding in the United States and, with its standards and procedures, was the founding organization for many of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) endurance committees, e.g., High Performance, Technical, and Youth Council Committees. Today, the AERC-I Committee serves AmericaŐs international endurance riding membership by promoting excellence in the sport of international endurance riding through education, participation, promotion, facilitation and support of the United States efforts.

The AERC-I Committee represent members and acts on matters pertaining to international equestrian endurance riding. The Committee is made up of elected Representatives, who serve the membership from recognized zones, e.g., East, Central, Mountain, Pacific North, and Pacific South.

Zone Representatives promote international endurance riding in the United States by:

  • Promoting education regarding international endurance riding
  • Encouraging and participating in discussion regarding international endurance riding
  • Encouraging and assisting riders seeking to ride at the international level
  • Encouraging ride managers to obtain international sanctioning
  • Assisting ride managers seeking to organize international rides
  • Representing the interests of the United States international endurance rider

Zone Representatives also represent the interests of the United States international endurance rider by:

  • Acting as a liaison between the international rider and the AERC Board of Directors
  • Educating the AERC Board of Directors on international endurance
  • Serving on, or recommending individuals to be appointed to, USEF committees
  • Informing riders of USEF and international endurance riding rule changes
  • Presenting rider concerns and opinions and forwarding them to the appropriate individual/committee
  • Presenting rider opinions and making recommendations to USEF regarding proposed international rule changes

Zone Representatives along with the Officers, USEF Liaisons, and AERC Advisors to the AERC-I Committee are enthusiastically committed to promoting international endurance riding in the United States. We represent the membership and welcome your thoughts and ideas by contacting us by electronic mail or telephone. To keep abreast of our efforts read our monthly International Endurance Riding column in the AERC Endurance News and follow the links from this webpage to other relevant pages.

We look forward to serving the membership and encourage you to contact us.

To all AERC-I members: While renewing your AERC membership, don't forget to include your renewal to AERC-International.

International members are asked to provide input to the AERC-I committee on the direction they would like to see the United States pursuing for future championship-level events (on-and-off-continent rides/events), working with their Zone Reps to provide more FEI sanctioned rides in their zones, educational opportunities and assisting the committee on goal development. In short, we are asking international members to help guide AERC-I into the future and prepare for the 2010 World Equestrian Games (Kentucky).

As the National Discipline Club (in endurance), AERC provides you with a committee that has seen many changes in the past several years, and expects many more in the coming years; be a part of it! Renew your AERC-I membership ($10 per person) and join us in being a part of the international endurance future. You can call the toll-free AERC office number, 1-866-271-2372, to have International dues added to your membership at any time.

Requirements for entering FEI endurance rides (revised 3/11)

FEI PRESS RELEASE -- Lausanne, Switzerland, 14 April 2010


Historically, a substantial percentage of positive cases have been for banned substances. This means that, under the new Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations that came into force on 5 April 2010, those riders would have faced a possibly career-ending two-year suspension.

This fact demonstrates how important it is that all National Federations, athletes, vets and officials understand the new Rules.

To help promote the Clean Sport message, the FEI has drawn up a list of the Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Clean Sport to help everyone involved in equestrian sport abide by the rules.


  1. The Regulations are divided into two sections, with the approach to Banned Substances (doping) stricter than the previous rules while the rules governing Controlled Medication Substances are more flexible to compensate for the realities of competition.
  2. Equine Therapeutic Use Exemptions (ETUEs) are no longer available for Banned (doping) Substances.
  3. While the rider of the horse is still the "Person Responsible" (PR) and therefore strictly liable, the new Regulations call for greater focus on support personnel as potential "Additional Persons Responsible."
  4. There will be a presumption of a two-year ban on any PR who has violated the Equine Anti-Doping Rules (i.e. involving a Banned Substance).
  5. The PR now has the opportunity to have the B Sample tested at a different lab from the one that tested the A Sample and to have a witness throughout the entire laboratory analysing process.
  6. The FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List clearly names all the substances not allowed in competition whilst under FEI rules. There will be a minimum of three months notice before a new substances is added to the List for the next year. See www.feicleansport.org
  7. Within the List, there are two categories, Banned Substances which have no common legitimate use in equines, and Controlled Medications, which have common uses, but are not allowed whilst in FEI competition.
  8. A record of medications given at any time from the FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List must now be kept, whether in competition or outside. All that is required is to record the date, place, active substance used, the person responsible and the treating veterinarian (if applicable).
  9. Laboratory Detection Levels for substances at all laboratories are set at fair and equal levels.
  10. Any suspicions of a lack of integrity in the sport can be reported directly to the FEI or to the Equestrian Community Integrity Unit.

AERC International Charter

AERC-I Committee Minutes

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