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Index of Endurance News Stories, 2009 Season

For reprints of any of these articles, please contact the AERC office.



Competitions Committee Report

  • Competitions Committee goals for 2009, December
  • 100-mile incentive program launched, November

Current Business Before the Board

  • Outsourcing AERC's drug test program, December
  • Updates to the drug rule appendices for 2010, August

Education Update

  • A review of endurance mentoring, December
  • Do you remember your first ride?, January
  • A non-completion? One horse explains, February
  • Educational opportunities at convention, February
  • You can enable the dreams of others, March
  • BC training starts well before the ride, April
  • Don't hesitate to seek early treatment, May
  • Intravenous fluids can be life-saving, May
  • Follow these guidelines to stay on the trail, June
  • New member finds a home in AERC, July
  • What experienced riders can learn from those new to the sport, July
  • Mentors can make a large impact, August
  • Disaster preparedness for horse owners, September
  • GPS and endurance trail measurement, October
  • Loose dogs, loose kids, loose horses, November

International News

  • Kathy Brunjes' report from Malaysia, December
  • Five Americans compete in Quilty Cup, January
  • FEI endurance rule changes adopted for 2009, January
  • The 2008 WEC: before . . . and after, February
  • Q&A with the WEG endurance director, March
  • Gearing up for the 2010 World Games, March
  • An endurance ride just for young riders, April
  • The Kentucky Cup is WEG test event, May
  • An introduction to hosting an FEI ride, June
  • AERC I Rides: FITS, Biltmore Challenge, June
  • USA second at 2009 Pan Ams in Uruguay, June
  • FEI riding in Idaho and California (Owyhee Fandango, Git R Done), July
  • FEI, USEF, and AERC-I committee roles, August
  • North American Young Riders 75, Vermont Moonlight Ride, September
  • USEF's Endurance Technical Committee, October
  • 2009 Young Rider World Championships, November
  • FEI results at the AERC National Championships, November

Junior/Young Rider News

  • 'It's good for your endurance, Rachel,' December
  • AERC's Junior/Young Rider scholarship program, December
  • Meet the junior: Sarah Jack, January
  • Meet the young rider: Maddie Anderson, February
  • Riding as an unsponsored junior, March
  • AERC scholarship winner announced, March
  • 2009 USEF Youth Convention report, April
  • Childhood 'ride too far' wishes granted, May
  • Endurance riding as a vet student, June
  • How to stay young: ride with a junior, July
  • 2009 USEF Youth Award nominations open, July
  • Shorty: the best hand-me-down ever!, August
  • Meet the junior: Coletan MacLeod, September
  • Meet the junior: Michaela Raush, October
  • Meet the junior: Taylor Fisher, age 6, November

News to Know

  • Endurance point system revised for 2010

On the Lighter Side

  • The Sponge, February
  • A surviving and thriving 'H.E.D.D.' case, July
  • What I learned from my first AERC ride, October

President's Message

  • AERC National Championships report, December
  • Reflecting on 'the golden days,' January
  • Looking at AERC ride entries in 2008, February
  • Taking a look at AERC's demographics, March
  • Convention kicks off the new year, April
  • Staying connected as an AERC member, May
  • Consider adding a Canadian region, June
  • Befriend -- and learn from -- new riders, July
  • NC: more than a ride -- an adventure, August
  • AERC elections: are you ready to serve?, September
  • We need to support AERC's sponsors, October
  • New program honors volunteer heroes, November


  • Bernice Kallance, endurance rider, March

Research Committee News

  • Research summit meeting in Denver, June
  • Findings of the first Research Summit, October

Ride Managers' Forum

  • Volunteers helped make NC a success, December
  • Giving back can be a precious gift, January
  • Guide to trauma-free trail marking, February
  • One ride manager's trail marking plan, February
  • Back to basics: running a no-frills ride, March
  • Hallelujah ride says goodbye, April
  • Be prepared for rider emergencies, May
  • Consider hosting an educational clinic, July
  • The Waltenspiels' gift: Cooley Ranch, August
  • From planning to ride in two months, September
  • Friendships and firsts at New Mexico's Valle Caldera Preserve, September
  • Ft. Stanton rides saddle up for St. Jude's, October
  • For ride managers: the AERC drug testing program and your ride, October
  • How to (re-)organize a ride in 72 hours, November

Rider Health

  • Are endurance riders athletes?, January

Trails Post

  • From park ranger to Trail Master, December
  • All dressed up with no place to ride, January
  • The USFS trails classification process, February
  • AERC trails grants reap great rewards, March
  • New trails strategies begin in Louisville, April
  • Volunteer state trails advocates needed, May
  • Building a bridge for a popular ride, June
  • Mixing multiple uses on shared trails, July
  • Southeastern Trails Conference, July
  • Trail differences around the country, August
  • Trail crews make endurance possible, September
  • Trail impacts: natural and user-made, October
  • National public lands and trails, November
  • 2009 Southeastern Equestrian Trails Conference, November

Treasurer's Report

  • AERC 2008 year-end treasurer's report, March

Vet Forum

  • Outsourcing AERC's drug test program, December
  • Winter care for the endurance horse, January
  • FEI veterinary rule change, January
  • If your horse is sick, please stay home, February
  • Endurance horses and metabolic issues, March
  • How to stay out of the deep weeds, April
  • Endurance riding and animal welfare, May
  • AERC drug test outsourcing begins, May
  • How to evaluate equine lameness, June
  • Nutritional supplements -- a clarification, June
  • It's time for endurance to raise the bar, July
  • EPM: the road to recovery, and beyond, August
  • An early bout of EPM can't stop Texas Dually, August
  • Ask a veterinarian: calcium gluconate, September
  • Understanding your horse's BC score, October
  • Tying-up and thumps: an introduction, November

Vice President's Message

  • Services and finances: a balancing act, December
  • Convention: shoestring or high style!, January
  • More than just a sport: enduring friends, February
  • Setting some goals for the new ride year, March
  • Fiduciary responsibility is foremost, April
  • MRSA infections in horses and humans, May
  • Information abounds for new riders, June
  • Research summit vital to AERC's future, July
  • Horse welfare forum in nation's capital, August
  • Endurance: 'Oh, the places you'll go!' October
  • Closing out the AERC files on 2009, November

Welfare of the Horse Committee Report

  • Report on 2008 AERC equine fatalities, April
  • Equine death report, 2006, April

What's New

  • What's New for January, January
  • What's New for July, July


  • Horses & noxious weeds: Is there a connection?, December
  • Understanding gut sounds, December
  • Karen & Eli's Extreme Mustang Makeover, December
  • The new ice age, January
  • A tip of the halo to endurance angels, January
  • A look at the lameness exam, February
  • The Sponge, February
  • Poem: Middies, March
  • Poem: The Ride, March
  • A cyber glimpse into the future?, March
  • My mini-van is an F-350, March
  • Habod completes his first ride in 15 years, March
  • Song: The Cover of Endurance News, March
  • Song: Our Favorite Things, March
  • AERC Convention 2009: Endurance riders celebrate in the Bluegrass State, April
  • Convention: Equine performance sports and drug rules, April
  • Convention: Pedigrees and performance, April
  • Convention: A new look at colic in horses, April
  • Convention: Joint disease in horses, April
  • Carbohydrates count in horse diets, April
  • Preventing heat exhaustion, part 1, May
  • Thanks, we had a great first year, May
  • How to deal with heat, June
  • Endurance conversions for the mathematically challenged, June
  • 2008 AERC Hall of Fame: Suzy Kelley, July
  • 2008 AERC Hall of Fame: Edens Bay Rum, July
  • 2008 AERC Pard'ners Award: Bailey Rose Eiland & Nimphas Barbi, August
  • AERC 5,000-mile equines, August
  • Memorable ride meals, September
  • Ten principles of exercise physiology, September
  • My Tevis journey, October
  • Conquering my fear of Tevis, October
  • Tevis: It takes a village . . ., October


  • AERC National Championships, December
  • All trails lead to the Moab Canyons, February
  • Kentucky Diehards Ride: A Quiz, February
  • Manzanita Endurance ride, March
  • Valley of the Sun Endurance Rides, May
  • Owyhee Tough Sucker (No Frills), June
  • Shanghai Trails I & II, June
  • Tall Pines, August
  • Fort Howes Rides, September
  • Pine Tree, September
  • AERC National Championship Ride 2009, October
  • Racing towards a non-completion, October



Last Updated: 6/24/2014