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Junior Issues and Status

Junior Panel Discussion at the 2005 AERC Convention

The AERC Junior Committee is proud to announce that a panel discussion will be held at this year's AERC Convention at the Nugget in Reno, Nevada. Panel members include Dr. Jamie Kerr, DVM; Valerie Kanavy; Randy Eiland; and Junior Committee chairperson, Jan Stevens.

Two other, yet to be named, people will sit on the panel -- a current junior rider and a former junior rider. The panel discussion will cover topics from "How to pick a horse for the junior rider" to "I'm a sponsor, now what do I do?"

There will be an open forum question and answer period slated for the last 30 minutes of the discussion. The panel discussion is scheduled for Friday, March 8 between 1-2:15 p.m.

Please check back here for updated information.



Junior 100 Mile Award Proposal
Junior Committee
July 23, 2003

Given that Junior riders are currently discriminated against in the National 100 Mile Award we are proposing to make the award more fair to all divisions of riders who ride 100 Mile AERC rides. Many Junior riders are as experienced, if not more so, as many of the adult 100 mile riders and they deserve to be recognized for the same accomplishments as the adults do.

Current Award Description:

National 100 Mile Award: Honoring the Top Ten Senior horse/rider teams with the most points accumulated on one day rides of 100 miles or more.


Change the National 100 Mile Award so that Endurance News lists Top Ten in all divisions, and awards are given to Top Five in each division, making it fair to every division.


By awarding the divisions separately this will allow each division of rider to compete on a more equal basis, including juniors. We could not simply add a set # of placements for juniors because that would make the award unfair for the senior riders. By awarding a set number of placings for each division that makes it fair to everyone. By listing Top Ten in Endurance News and giving awards to the Top Five in each division it would be following a similar format to the Pioneer Award, the difference being that awards are given to the Top Three in each division for that award.

Cost of programming: estimated by Mike Maul to be $300.00. The cost of the awards will increase by 15 additional awards to a total of 25. We feel that 25 awards (and Top Ten listing in EN for each weight division) for all 7 AERC regions for all 100 Mile Riders will make those that ride 100's feel that they are getting the recognition that they deserve, including Junior riders who currently cannot place in this category due to how their points are calculated.

Effective Date: Start of the 2004 ride season (December 1, 2003)


Current Policy:

A junior applies to the AERC for an unsponsored rider letter. When the letter is sent, the junior is automatically put in the senior rider weight division. All junior points earned in their region for that year just disappear. This effectively nullifies their junior standing.

However, by rule, juniors are sometimes required to compete in two divisions at once. If a ride manager does not allow unsponsored juniors, they must go back to the sponsored junior division. However, they do not earn junior points. Since they can't earn senior points they seem to be in some type of limbo.


When a junior requests an unsponsored junior status, the AERC would assign that rider a new AERC number, in addition to the original number. The junior would then be responsible for entering rides under the proper number. Once the junior reached 16 years and became a senior rider, the new AERC number would be retired and the mileage transferred to the original number and the status changed to the proper weight division.

This would be a fair way for juniors to retain their regional points and standings by having their points and mileage posted to the correct division.


This has been discussed with the AERC office and would be a simple procedure. Cost, if any, would be minimal.

Effective Date:

Immediately, upon approval.

Both of these proposals will be brought before the Board of Directors at the September meeting for discussion by all of the appropriate committees. They will be brought as motions at the October meeting.

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