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            Jan 31         Gallop on the Greenway CEI/CEIYJ */**/***              Ocala, FL
            March 6-8,    F.I.T.S.                        CEI */**/***; CEIYJ */**        Morriston, FL
            April 10-12    Git-R-Done                   CEI */**/*** CEIYJ */**        Inyokern, CA
            May 2           Biltmore Challenge       CEI */**/*** CEIYJ*/**         Asheville, NC
            May 16-17    Shine and Shine Only   CEI */**                             San Jose, CA
            May 23-24     Owyhee Fandango       CEI/CEIYJ */**/***              Oreana, ID
            June 6-7        Ft. Howes                   CEI/CEIYJ */**/***              Ashland, MT        
            June 6-7        Pyramid Challenge      CEI */**                              KHP, KY
            July 19          Vermont 100               CEI */**/***                         West Windsor, VT
            July 24          NAYRER                    CEIYJ **                             Henryville, IN
            October 14    Kentucky Cup Invit.      CEI **/***                            KHP, KY
                                North Am.Challenge      CEI*** 
            December 20  Goethe Challenge        CEI **/***                           Goethe SF, FL

          CEIYJ denotes Junior/Young Rider division

As of Jan 1, 2009 a CEI*is 50-74 miles, a CEI** is 75-86 miles, a CEI *** is 87-100 miles, 
a CEI**** is a championship ride



CEI'S & Ranking Trials for the 2008 Season

Dec. 30, 2007 La Mesa CEI***/** Las Cruces, New Mexico  David and Tracy Kaden
March 8-9, 2008, F.I.T.S.CEI***/**  Morriston, Fl Jan and Bill Stevens
April 19 Git-R-Done CEI***/**, Inyokern, California  Tammy Robinson
May 25 Owyhee Fandango CEI***/**, Oreana, Idaho  Stephanie Teeter
June 6-8 Ft. Howes CEI***/**, Ashland, Montana  Jan and Bill Stevens
June 30 Spirited Sands CEI***/YR, Spruce Woods, Manitoba  Myna Cryderman 
August 2-3 Rocky Mountain Nationals CEI***/**, Alberta  Joan Spiker
Sept. 6 Desert Classic CEI***/**, Las Cruces, New Mexico  David and Tracy Kaden
Dec. 20 

The Following National Rides have been approved as Trials:

March 8, 2008 20 Mule Team 100 California
May 3, 2008 Biltmore Challenge 100 North Carolina
June 28,2008 Pine Tree 100 Maine
July 14, 2008 Tevis Cup 100 California
July 19, Vermont 100 Vermont
October 16, 2008 AERC National Championship 100 Indiana
October 18, 2008 Git-R-Done Fall 100 California


2/3/07 Twenty Mule Team CEI*** Ridgecrest, CA
3/9-11/06 F.I.T.S. CEI*** Morristown, FL
4/14/07 Git-R-Done CEI***/** Inyokern, CA
5/5-6/07 Biltmore Challenge CEI*** Ashville, NC
6/10/07 Ft. Howes CEI*** Ashland, MT
7/19/07 Ontario Championship CEI***, Meaford, ON, Canada (not a USEF trial ride)
8/25/07 Arabian Nights Challenge of Champions CEI*** Oreana, ID
9/22/07 USEF National Zones Team Challenge CEI*** Ashland, MT
*All rides listed are USEF selection trial rides*
     3/3/06 F.I.T.S CEI*** Morristown, FL
        5/20/06 Owhyee CEI**/*** Oreana, ID
5/27/06 Grand Island CEI***, Michigan
         6/11/06 Ft. Howes CEI*** Ashland, MT
          6/24/06  Pinetree CEI*** North Waterford, ME
     8/31/06 Northwind Challenge CEI*** Buckingham, Quebec
2/26/05 Twenty Mule Team CEI*** Ridgecrest, CA
3/1-5/05 F.I.T.S. CEI*** Morristown, FL
5/7/05 Biltmore Estate Challenge CEI*** Ashville, NC
6/4/05 Californios CEI*** Lake Hughes, CA
6/10/05 Ft. Howes CEI*** Ashland, MT
6/25/05 Pinetree CEI*** North Waterford, ME
8/27/05 Arabian Nights CEI*** Oreana, ID
9/3/05 Colorado Horse Park CEI*** Parker, CO
10/15/05 North American Ch. CEI**** Elkton, MD

5/8/04 Biltmore Estate Challenge CEI***
6/13/04 Ft. Howes CEI*** Ashland, MT
7/30/04 Canadian Championships CEI*** Spuce Woods Park, MB
9/18/04 Colorama CEI*** New Prospect, WI

2/15/03 Twenty Mule Team CEI*** Ridgecrest, CA
3/1/03 Texas Grasslands CEI*** Decatur, TX
4/26/03 Indian Springs CEI*** Soccoro, NM
5/3/03 Washoe Valley CEI*** Carson City, NV
5/31/03 Pacific South Challenge CEI*** Oreana, ID
6/8/03 Ft. Howes CEI*** Ashland, MT
6/21/03 Sunriver CEI*** Bend, OR
6/28/03 Flesherton CEI*** Flesherton, Ontario
6/28/03 Pine Tree CEI*** North Waterford, ME
9/13/03 Pan American Ch. CEI**** Trout Lake, WA
2/16/02 Twenty Mule Team CEI*** Ridecrest, CA
4/27/02 Shine & Shine Only IV FEI-B San Jose, CA
5/4/02 Washoe Valley CEI*** Carson City, NV
6/7/02 Ft. Howes CEI*** Ashland, MT
5/5/01 Biltmore Estate Challenge FEI Asheville, NC
6/16/01 Kanapolis Canyon FEI Marquette, KS
6/2/01 Top of the Rock FEI  Henryville, IN
6/23/01 USET Festival of Champions FEI Cat.B Gladstone, NJ
6/30/01 Ride Over The Rainbow FEI Cat.A Merritt, BC
8/24/01 PAC CH Woodstock VT

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