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AERC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Donations may be sent to the AERC office, P.O. Box 6027, Auburn, CA 95604.

Platinum Sponsors of AERC

AERC's sponsors are much appreciated! Their contributions, both monetary and in-kind, greatly assist our nonprofit organization. Four levels -- Platinum, Diamond, Gold and Silver -- are available for sponsors, with benefits ranging from award sponsorship to advertising discounts. If you are interested in becoming an AERC sponsor, contact the office or a member of the Sponsorship Committee.


Arabian Horse Association
AHA is a major equine association serving 46,000 members across North America. It registers and maintains a database of more than one million Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses and administers more than $4 million in annual prize money. AHA produces championship events, recognizes close to 400 Arabian horse shows and distance rides and provides activities and programs that promote breeding and ownership. For information about Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses, call 303-696-4500, e-mail or visit



Arabian Horse World
Arabian Horse World
To promote the Arabian - through education and entertainment - to new levels of appreciation and usefulness. We tackle the tough issues, keep our readers enlightened and informed, hopefully stimulate their thinking about the long-term elements of breeding and owning Arabian horses, and celebrate all the human urges this breed can satisfy - the artistic, the competitive, the creative, the reflective, the inventive, and the intuitive.

Perhaps we'll encourage you to try something new with your Arabians ... or to breed with an eye toward all that is enduring and genuine about the Arabian horse.

With Arabian Horse World Quarterly, our purpose is to promote the Arabian in a new global market. We carry the message of the Arabian's peerless beauty and versatility to a newsstand audience through a fine blend of international coverage, a bit of history and mystique of our breed, reviews of breeding programs, horse husbandry features, and special features for newcomers to the breed. We hope our enthusiasm for the breed will rub off on an increasingly newer audience.

All this, presented to you with award-winning design, beautiful photography, and attention to detail - Arabian Horse World and Arabian Horse World Quarterly - the most widely circulated Arabian horse publications in the world.



The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 gave the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Department of Agriculture's Forest Service the authority to manage, protect, and control wild horses and burros on the nation's public lands in order to ensure healthy herds and healthy rangelands. Each year, the BLM gathers the excess wild horses and burros from areas where vegetation and water could become scarce if too many animals used the area. These excess animals are offered for adoption to qualified people through the BLM's Adopt-A-Wild Horse or Burro Program. BLM has placed more than 200,000 animals into private care and these animals have gone on to successfully compete in events such as endurance riding, dressage, and trail riding.


EasyCare is the Official Hoof Boot Company of the AERC


EasyCare, Inc. currently produces several products for the Equine industry including a wide range of hoof boots and accessories, Shear Comfort Sheepskin saddle covers, E-Z Ride Stirrups, EasyIce Boots, Stowaway saddle packs, Stowaway hay, bale and gear bags, Easy Bun rump warmers and many other items. For more information please call EasyCare, Inc. at 1-800-447-8836, e-mail: or visit our website at


Diamond Sponsors of AERC

Athletic Equine, LLC
Athletic Equine is the Official Diamond Level Saddle Sponsor of AERC

Athletic Equine, LLC, designs and distributes innovative equine products manufactured with technologically advanced materials and quality workmanship.

Utilizing over half a century of our personal experience with horses, we personally test all our products for good fit, freedom of movement, comfort, and general improvement of the quality of the horse's life under saddle. Freeform Treeless Saddles made in Italy are our premier treeless saddles providing superior custom fitting for you and your horse with the unparalleled benefits of freedom of movement and comfort for horse and rider.

Call us to find out more about our product lines and to experience firsthand our prompt and personalized service to dealers. Come and visit us today at or call us on our toll-free number, 800-511-9771, or email at See you on the trails.



The Distance Depot

Here at The Distance Depot we manufacture top quality, beautifully hand crafted, custom-made Beta BioThane® Horse Tack and the ever-popular & luxurious Shear Comfort Merino Wool Sheepskin Seat Savers & Accessories.

We stock V-MAX® Equine Heart Rate Monitor Systems - the most reliable, user-friendly equine heart rate monitors on the market today including adapter kits for Garmin® GPS units.

The Distance Depot also carries all of the Endurance/Trail Riding supplies you need from the brands you know and trust like: Supracor®, Toklat®, Kerrits®, EasyCare®, Montana Cincha®, Ariat®, and many more!

We pride ourselves on customer service second to none and continue to amaze our customers with our fast service & shipping times. We offer an outstanding & free Loyalty Rewards program, which earns you points with each purchase.  And points never expire! Come experience the difference today!

Visit us at or phone 866-863-2349.
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Riding Warehouse

Riding Warehouse, located on California's central coast, formed in 1996 when owner Tracy competed in endurance and competitive trail. Today, endurance and trail riders worldwide come to Riding Warehouse for a large selection of saddles, tack, riding apparel, horse care supplies, trailer gear and gifts.

With decades of trail experience, Tracy and her staff of friendly horse folks provide more than a shared passion for enjoying the outdoors with horses. Enjoy budget-friendly free shipping offers every day, facebook discounts and outstanding monthly specials. The latest products for horse and rider comfort combined with customer care, create a shopping experience that will stand out from the herd!




Silver Sponsors of AERC


Al Khamsa
Al Khamsa is proud to announce sponsorship of AERC at the Silver Level. Al Khamsa, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Bedouin Horse. The first Al Khamsa Endurance Hrose Award will be made at the 2014 AERC Convention in Atlanta and will be awarded to the High Mileage Al Khamsa Endurance Horse in the form of a perpetual traveling trophy, engraved with horse and owner names annually and an annual individual trophy.

Currently 524 Al Khamsa horses of competition age possess AERC numbers. If you believe your horse may be Al Khamsa qualified breeding, check the roster at The website explores information on this War Horse, its thousands of years of development in the harsh Arabian deserts and the current preservation programs.

Al Khamsa supports the sport! For more information contact Edie Booth,




The California State Horsemen's Association is donating silver belt buckles to the winners of AERC's Bob and Julie Suhr Husband and Wife Award.

CSHA promotes AERC and endurance rides, holds educational events, fund raises for trail and camping projects, makes donations to ride managers and has a awards program for Endurance that has been in place since 1971. CSHA is proactive in regards to trail development, maintenance and preservation and other equestrian related issues.

Incorporated in 1942, the California State Horsemen's Association comprises eighteen geographical Regions within three areas (Northern, Central, and Southern). CSHA represents the pleasure horse industry and pleasure horse owners. Among the many benefits membership in CSHA includes, on a very large scale, is providing for a stronger, more united pleasure horse industry, to meet the challenges of local, state, and national legislative issues important to each and every horse owner.

EuroXciser is a manufacturer of European Style Horse walkers. The moving partitions on the Horse Exerciser creates an open stall space, allowing the horses to move at a pace freely throughout the workout. This allows natural movement without the tethered constraint found with a traditional horse walker. Our products are known for their durability and reliability, and we manufacture in the USA. Horse Exercisers never replace good horsemanship and the real need for riding and training your horses for competition. A horse exerciser is an extremely useful training aid to build endurance conditioning, improve health and wellness and help with rehabilitation and recovery of your horses. Find out more about our products at or email us at



Intermountain Wild Horse & Burro Advisors, Inc.

The IWHBA's purpose is to educate the general public on wild-born horse issues through the implementation of programs, which reinforce the need for preservation, protection, and management while promoting a more positive image of the wild-born horse.

We provide support and mentoring to those persons who have or will adopt wild-born horses from the Bureau of Land Management or any other agency or organization, which makes wild-born horses available to the general public. This support and mentoring is made available through the implementation of training and mentoring programs that educate adopters and future adopters in learning the skills and methods of gentling and handling wild-born horses using natural horsemanship techniques. These programs are offered for the development of a positive relationship between horse and human leading to the long-term success of wild-born adoption programs.

New adopters are often overwhelmed at the prospect of training and caring for a newly adopted wild horse or burro. That is where we can help. Adopters can call one of our member advisors to answer questions and ask for advice.

Visit us at



Award Sponsor of AERC

Belesemo Trad
Belesemo Arabian Ranch   Founded in 1972, Belesemo Arabian Ranch is now raising its fourth generation of Belesemo horses. Their successes have exceeded the wildest dreams of owners Dirk and Kim Johnson. The greatest enjoyment they experience is to hear of others' enjoyment with their horses, whether out on the trail or in the ring.

The Arabian foundation sire Belesemo Trad became the basis for the Crabbet / Maynesboro / Kellogg breeding program. Trad's blood runs in all 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Belesemo horses produced at the ranch. The ranch's dam lines revolved around seven Abu Farwa granddaughters and one direct Abu Farwa daughter that were all acquired in old age.

Last Updated: 4/9/2015