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Membership - AERC Board of Directors

Officers Regional Directors Directors at Large
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AERC Officers

President: Connie Caudill
Vice-President: Jan Stevens
Secretary: Susan Kasemeyer
Treasurer: Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

Regional Directors


Michael Campbell, PhD
Harker Heights, TX, 254-698-1965

Monica Chapman (Sanctioning)
Pleasanton, KS, 913-471-4840 
E-mail:  monicachapman1987@gmail.com  


Connie Caudill (Sanctioning)
Henryville, IN, 812-967-5973 (December-April in Florida: 352-486-6739)
E-Mail: conniecaudill@yahoo.com

Sue Keith
Floyds Knobs, IN, 812-949-1629 
E-mail: suekeith69@gmail.com susan


Susan Schomburg
Wheatland, WY, 307-322-3503 
E-mail: sschom@platte1.k12.wy.us

Jan Stevens (Sanctioning)
Ashland, MT, 406-784-2469
E-mail: circlebarranch@rangeweb.net  


Nick Kohut, DVM 
Gap, PA, 717-442-4520
E-mail:   NJKDVM@aol.com  

Patti Stedman (Sanctioning)
East Otto, New York, 716-257-5349
E-mail: procompsvc@earthlink.net


Tom Noll
Meridian, ID, 208-887-3732 
E-mail: tomnoll@q.com

Gail Williams (Sanctioning)
Zillah, WA, 509-865-3246
E-mail: hadablondemoment@gmail.com


John Parke
Solvang, CA, office: 805-963-8611; office fax: 805-962-1940 
E-mail: jparke@aklaw.net

Lisa Schneider (Sanctioning) 
Agoura, CA, 818-575-9750
E-mail: honeybear3371@adelphia.net  


Susan Kasemeyer (Sanctioning)
Lenoir City, TN, 865-988-4617 
E-mail: NdurN@aol.com 

Joe Schoech
Loganville, GA, 770-554-1545
E-mail: jschoech@bellsouth.net


Julia Lynn-Elias, DVM
Dewey, AZ, 928-925-3207
E-mail: azriderjlynn@hotmail.com  

Roger Taylor (Sanctioning)
Albuquerque, NM, 505-897-4985
E-mail:   Roger_Sue@prodigy.net 


Maryben Stover
San Jose, CA, 408-265-0839 
E-mail: merryben@live.com

Forrest Tancer (Sanctioning)
Elk, CA, 707-877-3288
E-mail: forresttancer@mac.com  

Directors at Large

Leslie E. Anderson Longmont, CO, 303-828-3464
E-mail: landerso@polisci.ufl.edu

Olin Balch, DVM, PhD
Cascade, ID, 208-315-3898
E-mail: obalch@earthlink.net

Randy Eiland
Anthony, NM, 915-309-6836
E-mail: renegade12@juno.com

Laura Hayes
Brocton, NY, 716-785-5458
E-mail: lhayes@netsync.net

Terry Woolley Howe
Descansco, CA, 619-445-5443
E-mail: terryhowe@hughes.net

Susan Keil, DVM
Spring Hill, KS, home: 913-856-3660, mobile: 913-233-9098, fax: 913-722-1890 (attn. Dr. Keil)
E-mail: susankeil@yahoo.com

Mollie Krumlaw-Smith
Maineville, OH, 513-583-5034
E-mail: mkrumlaw@webcincy.com

Michael Maul
Alvin, TX, 713-725-7776
E-mail: mike@michaelmaul.com


Send e-mail to all of your AERC Directors

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The following is the list of email addresses:
landerso@polisci.ufl.edu (Leslie E. Anderson)
obalch@earthlink.net (Olin Balch, DVM, PhD)
mcampbell1@hot.rr.com (Michael Campbell)
conniecaudill@yahoo.com (Connie Caudill)
monicachapman1987@gmail.com (Monica Chapman)
renegade12@juno.com (Randy Eiland)
lhayes@netsync.net (Laura Hayes)
terryhowe@hughes.net (Terry Woolley Howe)
NdurN@aol.com (Susan Kasemeyer)
susankeil@yahoo.com (Susan Keil, DVM)
suekeith69@gmail.com (Sue Keith)
NJKDVM@aol.com (Nick Kohut, DVM)
mkrumlaw@webcincy.com (Mollie Krumlaw-Smith)
azriderjlynn@hotmail.com (Julia Lynn-Elias, DVM)
mmaul@flash.net (Mike Maul)
tomnoll@q.com (Tom Noll)
jparke@aklaw.net (John Parke)
honeybear3371@adelphia.net (Lisa Schneider)
jschoech@bellsouth.net (Joe Schoech)
sschom@platte1.k12.wy.us (Susan Schomburg)
procompsvc@earthlink.net (Patti Stedman)
circlebarranch@rangeweb.net (Jan Stevens)
merryben@live.com (Maryben Stover)
forresttancer@mac.com (Forrest Tancer)
Roger_Sue@prodigy.net (Roger Taylor)
hadablondemoment@gmail.com (Gail Williams)

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