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Ride Managers - Forms

Endurance riding would not exist without ride managers! You are to be commended for making it possible for riders to participate in the sport.

Here are the materials necessary to get you started, to put on a ride, and to report your results to the AERC office. Once your sanction has been approved by your regional sanctioning director and entered into the database at the AERC office, you will receive a confirmation email. Check it over to be sure all information is complete. The email will also include an order form for you to request forms for ride results, etc. (If it's your first time, check the "send me the full packet" box.) If you have any questions, please contact the office by phone: 866-271-2372.

Ride Sanctioning
Getting Started
Control Judge/Veterinarian Information
Forms for Your Ride
Ride Management Software
Post-Ride: Report Results
Other Post-Ride Forms
National Championships Forms

Ride Sanctioning

Ride sanction forms, whether done by mail or online, go first to your Regional Sanctioning Director for approval and then onto the AERC office. Sanction fees are explained on the forms.

PLEASE NOTE: This form has changed for 2015. You must include the information on your ride's Triage/Treatment plan. For more information about changes for 2015, see: 2015 Rules Update, from the December 2014 Endurance News.

Ride sanctions must be received for approval by your Regional Sanctioning Director at least 90 days before the actual ride date, and received by the AERC administrative office at least 60 days before the ride. Other rules regarding sanctioning may be found under Rule 16 in the AERC rule book.

Ride Sanctioning request form (to be mailed or faxed to your Regional Sanctioning Director)

Online sanctioning: Go to the online member services page, enter your membership information, and continue with the Request Ride Sanctioning option

The ride sanction help page will assist you in preparing your first online ride request

Special Event or Special Qualification Ride Sanction Requests
If you wish to sanction a ride which is a Special Event or Special Qualification Ride (please see AERC Rule 16) you must contact the AERC office with your request. You may use the online sanction form, but be sure to inform the AERC office that this is a Special Event or Special Qualification Ride request.

Getting Started

AERC Ride Managers Handbook: This is a useful manual for all ride managers. To receive a printed booklet by mail, phone the office (866-271-2372).

Ride Entry Form: Feel free to check out other ride entry forms in the ride calendar for ideas, or view this Sample Ride Entry form

Ride Flyer/Entry: Send your ride flyer/entry in MS Word or PDF format to and it will be linked to the popular AERC online calendar

You will receive an order form with your ride confirmation email. You may email, fax (530-823-2260), mail or call in your order AERC rule books, ride results and BC forms, etc. If you wish, you may download a Ride Manager Order Form

California Ride Managers: California's Equine Medication Monitoring Program (EMMP) is now online. Please click for California drug testing program information.

Publicity: A little work on your part can go a long way! Send out notices and stories about your upcoming ride to your local newspaper, regional horse publications, and maybe even local radio and TV stations. A sample press release follows, but use your imagination! You can focus on one or more riders and their past accomplishments, cover trail information or the historic nature of your ride. Steph Teeter has put together a list of publications and their contact information -- use this to find the best place to get the word out. If you have any other publications to add to the list, write to Steph at Here's the list!

Sample Press Release in Word file or a PDF document -- Send an article about your ride to local newspapers or regional horse publications. Here's a sample press release to help you get started.

Ride Change Request Use this form if a change is needed to your ride date, location, distance, etc.

Member and Equine AERC Numbers: Look up a member or equine to find their AERC number.

Current Member List: Use your member login to print or save a list of all current AERC members. Need assistance? Go to the help page


To request a Certificate of Insurance please fill out the Request for Certificate of Insurance form. Fax or mail the form to Equisure, Inc. (information at bottom of form). Be sure to choose whether you will need Proof of Insurance or Additional Insured:

  • Proof of insurance: the landowner/facility will receive a certificate showing that AERC has insurance. A copy of the same certificate will also be sent to the ride manager and a copy to AERC.
  • Additional Insured: the landowner/facility will be added as additional insured and if a loss should occur AERC would share their insurance limit with the landowner/facility designated.

Control Judge/Veterinarian Information

Certified AERC Control Judges (Note: These are veterinarians who have passed the AERC examination, but may not be current members.)

Regional Control Judge list help page. Use member login to get a listing of all AERC members who are veterinarians in a region. Note: These may not all be equine vets.

Guidelines for Judging AERC Endurance Competitions (vet handbook), updated for 2009 (21-page PDF)

The Control Veterinarian DVD: This informative DVD is a great review for current control judges, a teaching tool for new control judges, and helpful for ride managers and riders to learn what to expect at control checks. The DVD is available by request from the AERC office.

Forms for Your Ride

AERC Rider Cards (updated for 2015 with body condition scoring for the pre-ride exam, and space for recording four quadrants of gut sounds):

  • Rider Card 1. A one-sided form with room for two vet checks as well as the pre-ride and post-finish exams.
  • Rider Card 2. This 2-sided form is most like the previous rider card. It can be copied and cut into a square shape. Includes room for six ride checks.
  • Rider Card 3. A one-sided form with room for six vet checks as well as the pre-ride and post-finish exams.>

Ride Management Software

Ride management software for use at your ride on a laptop running Windows is now available. This software will provide:

  • Periodic updates of the AERC Membership / Horse database for accurate reporting
  • Automatic entry number assignment
  • All time calculations done within the program
  • All placings calculated by the program
  • BC calculations
  • Easily output results reports (including First Weight Division, Top Ten, Turtle and Middle of the Pack)
  • Extract of results in AERC format for uploading results to AERC
  • eMAIL of entry confirmation
  • Financial reporting

The software can be downloaded per these instructions.

Post-Ride: Report Results

There are a variety of ways to send word on your ride results: on paper via mail or fax, online, or with one of the alternate programs given here. Contact the AERC office if you have any questions about reporting your ride results.

Enter Ride Results online

Excel Spreadsheet for ride scoring and management, contributed by Linda and Bo Parrish.

Other Post-Ride Forms

National Championships Forms

Interested in hosting an AERC National Championships ride? Fill out one of these application forms and send it to the National Championship Committee chair. Prefer to fill out the form on computer? Select the first one, which is a Word document that you can fill in on your computer, then send via email. If you want to print out the form and mail it in, click on the PDF form.

If you would like other forms or information on this web page, please contact or phone the AERC office at 866-271-2372.













Last Updated: 1/23/2015