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AERC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Donations may be sent to the AERC office, P.O. Box 6027, Auburn, CA 95604.

AERC's Trail Master Program

AERC sponsors Trail Master classes across the U.S. In addition to teaching endurance riders the proper way to design and build new trails -- and maintain and improve existing trails -- we invite two land managers to attend the class with riders. Mornings are spent in the classroom. A written test follows at lunch, and afternoons are set aside for field work and getting one's hands dirty.

Those who graduate from the four-day course are certified crew leaders, and can go anyplace to lead crews in the proper way to maintain, build and design trails. By working together with our land managers we can build sustainable trails for the future.


Trail Master Courses

  • August 18-21, 2016 - Oregon. More information to come!


Interested in hosting a Trail Master course? Start right here with these information flyers and forms:

Step 1: So You Want To Host An AERC Trail Master Class: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Step 2: How to Get Started Hosting an AERC Trail Master Class: AERC Trail Master Class Application

Step 3: Getting Started on your AERC Trail Master Class

Step 4: Finalizing your AERC Trail Master Class

Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form

Trail Master Class Host Contract

We're happy to help guide you through the process! For information regarding Trail Master courses, contact coordinator Monica Chapman,, phone: 913-471-4840


Course Description

Day 1: Trail design and layout. Course instructor Mike Riter stresses the importance of knowing the area first, both on foot and by studying topographic maps, which he calls "the trail designer's best friend." A good trail requires little maintenance because it is designed right. Flowing water, which accelerates the process of erosion, is the enemy of a trail. Proper design can avoid situations whereby the trail becomes a river during rainstorms. In the afternoon, participants learned how to use clinometers to assess the slopes around them in a scientific fashion.

Day 2: Trail construction. Attendees learn how to pick the proper tool for the job, when to use power tools, and how to cut trails into a slope. Riter also talks about how to build bridges and boardwalks, and when to incorporate switchbacks into a trail and how to do it right. He includes safety procedures for tool use, and teaches the best way to swing a shovel and not throw out your back. Very important!

Day 3: Trail maintenance. Although a well-designed trail is easy to maintain, most trails that trail workers will be dealing with have been laid out in a less than ideal way. If you canot reroute them, you will have to fix and maintain them, battling wind, water, and gravity.

Day 4: Crew leadership and graduation. The final day is where all that you have learned is pulled together in an outdoor session. The attendees each role-play "Crew Leader," using the language, tools, safety issues and teamwork with your class on the trail. At the end, certificates for those that completed the course will be issued.


Trail Master Course Graduates

If you need assistance with planning, repairing, or maintaining trails in your area, contact one of the course graduates below. If you have difficulty contacting a Trail Master graduate for your area, contact Monica Chapman at 913-471-4840 or


  • Angie Fura,
  • Marilyn McCoy,
  • Carrie Miracle-Jordan,
  • Mark Williams, 520-455-4606


  • Carey Brock,
  • Andrew Gerhard,
  • Judy Hall,
  • Steve Hallmark,
  • Laura Horst,
  • Greg Kimler,
  • James Mather,
  • Dr. Philip Ottinger,
  • Kathie Perry,
  • Robert Ribley,
  • Mike Shackelford,
  • Robert Sydnor,
  • Diane Trefethen,


  • Linda Browneller,


  • Leslie Feroglia,
  • Truman Prevatt,
  • Douglas Shearer, DVM,
  • Kathy Thompson,


  • Sarah Engsberg,
  • Joe Schoech,
  • Jimmy Underwood,
  • Alisa
  • Cindy Young,


  • Lucy Bagot,
  • Genie Stewart-Spears,


  • Michael Caudill,
  • Jerry Fruth,


  • Monica Chapman,
  • Patti Crawford,
  • Mary Heberling,
  • Susan Keil, DVM,
  • Belinda Hope Skiles,


  • Mike Chadwell,
  • Greg Jones,


  • Pat Oliva,


  • Laura Marshall,
  • Nancy Mueller,

New Jersey

  • Sandy Terp,

New Mexico

  • Bob Bulcock,
  • Boyd Carson,
  • Dayle Hosek,
  • Deirdre Monroe,
  • Roger Taylor,
  • Jeff Trinkle,

New York

  • Laura Hayes,
  • Libby Llop,

North Carolina

  • Roger Annes,
  • Mary Britt,
  • Jerry Brown,
  • Mike Everett, mikeeverett@embarqmailcom
  • Ruth Ann Everett,
  • Elizabeth Galloway,
  • Betty Hill,
  • Keith Johnston, 336-667-5351
  • Wade Johnston, 336-667-5351
  • Stagg Newman,
  • Nancy Sluys,


  • Kellie A Moore,


  • Alanna Frank,
  • Gunner Frank,
  • Ann M. McFarland,


  • Charlene Farrell,
  • Paul Latiolais,
  • Carol Crawford Myers,
  • Gary Pegg,
  • Janelle Wilde,

South Carolina

  • Sue Mullen,
  • Andrea Rogers,
  • John Rogers,
  • Vance Stine,
  • Vickie Stine,


  • Jackie Caudill,
  • Dick Gould,
  • Susan Kasemeyer,
  • Debra LaComette,


  • Doug Blashill,
  • Thomas Booth,
  • Dianne Campbell,
  • Michael Campbell,
  • Dawn Carrie,
  • Terry De Armond,
  • Brenda DeWitt,
  • Mark Dial,
  • Amanda Fant,
  • Sylvia Fant,
  • Kristen Fisher,
  • Scott Godwin,
  • Sue Jones,
  • Danielle Lewis,
  • Mike Maul,
  • Shirley Nobles,
  • Kenneth "Bo" Parrish,
  • Linda Parrish,
  • Laura Petrie,
  • Al Prescott,
  • Vicky Rogers,
  • Sylvia Sazama,
  • Mechelle Taylor,
  • Lorie Van Ongevalle,


  • John Crandell,
  • Gina Hagis,
  • John Proudman,


  • Jim Beidle,
  • Jennifer LeBlanc,
  • Joan Fleming,
  • Joyce Kellenberger,
  • Kathryn Lewandowsky,
  • Aarene Storms,
  • Gail Williams,


  • Tom Gower,
  • Dawn Haas,
  • Eileen Kirsch,
  • Ramona Radtke,


Last Updated: 4/7/2015