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AERC Trails Grant Application

To make your grant request a reality:

Be organized before you make the application for the grant. Know the project specifics including what work is to be done, what material is needed, who will be doing the work, what matching funds are available, total costs, what AERC rides are held on the trail, and when the work is expected to be done.

AERC has grant funds available for projects and we look forward to getting your application. With so many budget cuts in these tough economic times, it is more important now than ever before to get involved with trail improvement. Whether you organize a project or volunteer on a project every effort counts and will go a long ways to making sure we have miles of trails to ride with our wonderful equestrian friends.

For the grant application form, click here.

Send your completed grant application to either the chair of the Trails and Land Management Committee or to the Trails Grants Program Liaison. Contact information is available from the AERC office, 866-271-2372.

Review of grants will be an ongoing process. Requests should be made as soon as your project has clear definition.

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