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Volunteer Hours Log

Information on this page provided by Mike Maul

  1. From either this page or the AERC home page, click on "Member Login."

  2. Enter your login ID and your password. (If you don't already have a login and password, click on the link below the password box and activate your member page. If you have forgotten your login/password you can click on OK, then enter your AERC # in the request for a password reminder. You will get the information by email if your email address is current. Or you may phone the AERC office for assistance: 866-271-2372.

  3. Click on the Volunteer tab just to the right of Services in the green menu bar.

  4. Click on the "Enter Hours" link at the left.

  5. For each day you worked as a volunteer, enter the data requested and click on the "Done" link in the middle at the bottom. Note that you can't enter a range of days - you have to enter each day separately and click "Done."

  6. If you were a leader for a group, you can enter data for the other members of your group.
    All you need is the volunteer's AERC #.

  7. You will then be presented with a welcome screen and a menu on the left. Read the brief instructions and then click "Enter Hours."

  8. You are now on a summary page which shows all the entries you have made previously. (Initially, it will be blank.) To enter a workday, click on "Add New Hours Record" in the center portion of the screen.

  9. Remember, you can only enter one day at a time.

  10. You can enter data, even for previous dates, simply by choosing the date on the calendar at the top.

  11. The first three files are pull downs. The State field should be where the activity took place. For example, if you live in Georgia, but did trail volunteer work in Tennessee, the State field should be Tennessee.

  12. You can enter information for other AERC members from your login by entering their member number in the ìyour AERC Member # field.

  13. There are are two "hours" fields. "Work hours" is the time you worked that did not employ motorized equipment. Work time using hand tools (loppers, pulaskis, rakes, etc.) are not "Equipment Hours." "Equipment Hours" are the hours you worked that day using motorized equipment such as chain saws, weed whackers, backhoes, etc. The sum of these two fields should be the total hours worked that day. The reason for the distinction is that "Equipment Hours" are more valuable monetarily than hand tool labor.

  14. "Value of Materials" includes nails, bolts, screws, gas, oil, boards, etc.

  15. Click "Done" when you are finished, which will record the day and return you to the activity summary.

  16. There are required fields on the data entry page. If you decide to discontinue without creating an entry, the easiest way is to click "Enter Hours" on the menu to the left. "Return to Summary Grid" will only work if you have data keyed in the required fields. If you want to go back to the Summary page without entering anything, click on the "Back" arrow in the upper left on your browser.

  17. At "Summary," click "Add New Hours" to enter another day.

Try to be as accurate as possible. You can edit your entries on the Summary page for two weeks. After that, they are permanent.

I have requested that at least all the "hours" fields appear on the summary page as a high priority update. This would allow you to print a record of your volunteer hours for use with other organizations. We will continue to improve this summary page.

Suggestions for improvements and problems should be emailed to Michael Campbell at

Last Updated: 7/20/2011