How To: Create Your Own Facebook® Account


1. Go to the homepage on

2. Complete the following:

a. enter your first name, last name

b. Enter your Email address:

c. Select a password

d. Select your gender, and enter your birthday.


3. Type in the two words for the security check.


4. Complete profile information you wish people to see.


5. Follow steps to completion.


6. Facebook will send a confirmation e-mail to your outlook e-mail address - click on the link to complete registration. Note: If you cannot find your confirmation email, check your junk mail folder. If you accidentally deleted the confirmation email, go here to request a new one:



1. While logged on to your new facebook account, go to the top of your page.

2. Click in the box with “Search” inside it.

3. Fill in what you are looking for. In this case, you will type “AERC: AMERICAN ENDURANCE RIDE CONFERENCE”

4. A listing of pages will come up and on the left toolbar click “Groups”

5. You will now see “AERC: AMERICAN ENDURANCE RIDE CONFERENCE” group page!

6. Click on page and “Join Group”!!! Enjoy!

There are many things you can do with Facebook, including going on the AERC page and commenting on different things, or even posting pictures! In order to post pictures, just simply click on the picture attachment in the same section you would use to write on the “wall”. Facebook will then prompt you to upload a photo. Press enter and watch your instant fame! (Make sure you have permission to post the photo from the photographer, and be sure to give credit to the photographer!!!)


Information provided by Daryl Downs of the AERC Membership Committee