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AERC New Member Information

Welcome to endurance riding! Whether you participate as a recreational activity or athletic endeavor, always keep in mind the ultimate goal of finishing on a sound and healthy horse and remember AERC's motto: "To finish is to win." This page will help you find the information you need to get started in the growing sport of endurance riding.

To join the organization and receive AERC registration numbers for both yourself and your equine, you can phone the office or sign up online: AERC membership registration.

You probably have lots of questions, and this website has plenty of education material to get you on your way to your first AERC ride. Your best resource is the AERC office, which is open weekdays from 8:00-4:00 (Pacific Time) via e-mail or a toll-free phone call to 866-271-2372.

Once you join, the office staff will send you a membership card, educational materials, rule book, a list of your region's AERC mentors, and an Endurance Rider's Handbook. The Rider Handbook and Rule Book are both available online.

Then it's time to do a little homework! The Rider Handbook has chapters on conditioning, feeding, and trailering your horse, plus "rider survival" and pacing information for you.

Join the "GREEN BEANS"! All new members (and anyone with less than 1,000 AERC miles) are encouraged to join Green Bean Endurance, now under the auspices of AERC. It's a welcoming group that encourages and rewards its members with mentoring, social media contact, prizes and fun competitions, both individual and team. Find out more at: Click for the Green Bean sign-up form ($15 per season).

A wonderful resource is AERC's YouTube channel, with videos featuring Susan Garlinghouse, DVM, and produced by Ken and Julie Herrera. They include Horse Camping, Arriving at Camp, How to Stay on Trail, Packing a Crew Bag, and the Control Check Exam.

Originally designed as an instructional video for endurance ride control judges, the AERC Vet Video will walk you through everything that happens at each AERC vet check during a ride.

Check out the Education section on this website for lots more information. You'll also find many articles and links at, which is run by longtime endurance riders and ride managers Stephanie and John Teeter. Also, the Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc., in Virginia, has many educational articles.

Many regional and local distance clubs can be found at the Local Clubs page. These local and regional groups are a great way to help you meet nearby riders as you learn more about endurance riding.

AERC Ride Calendar: To find a ride, you can check the Calendar pages in Endurance News or check the Interactive Online Ride Calendar. Many ride flyers and entry forms are available through the online ride calendar. Check this region map to learn about AERC's nine regions.

A great way to familiarize yourself with the sport is to volunteer at an endurance ride. You will learn a lot about how an AERC ride works, what the control judges are looking for, and you'll have many people available to answer any questions you may have. Simply find a ride near you, and phone the ride manager to volunteer. Your help will be much appreciated.

Regional Mentors: AERC's Education Committee has selected mentors in each region based on their years of expertise and a high completion average. Here is the current list of regional mentors.

To find AERC members in your area to ride with or answer questions: Once you are an AERC member, you can look up members by city, state, and zip code from the members directory at your members page. To login to your members page, click on the "Login" link at the top right of the home page. Choose a login ID (most members use their email address) and chose a password. Once you have logged in, click Services, then Member Directory.

If you'd like to see what an endurance ride is like, you can click on this 20-minute video of the Old Glory Ride (.wmv format) in Texas. You'll meet the ride manager, control judges and riders and learn why so many people are becoming endurance riders.

If you have suggestions for adding material to this page please let the folks at the AERC office know, either by email to the AERC office or phone: 866-271-2372.

Thanks to (top to bottom) Bill Gore, Andy Klamm and Henry Gruber for providing the photos on this page.

Updated 2/1/21