To Finish Is To Win

American Endurance
Ride Conference

  • Awards
    • Bill Stuckey Award
    • Bill Thornburgh Family Award
    • Bob & Julie Suhr Spouses Team Award
    • Easyboot Pioneer Award
    • Jim Jones Stallion Award
    • Kathy Brunjes Young Riders Award
    • National Hundred Mile Award
    • War Mare Award
  • Championships
    • Junior National 100 Miles
    • National Best Condition
    • National Limited Distance Mileage
    • National Mileage
    • Regional Best Condition
    • Regional Limited Distance Best Condition
    • Regional Ltd. Dist. Rider Mileage
    • Regional Rider Mileage
  • Point Standings
    • Point Standings - all regions
    • Point Standings - CT region
    • Point Standings - MT region
    • Point Standings - MW region
    • Point Standings - NE region
    • Point Standings - NW region
    • Point Standings - PS region
    • Point Standings - SE region
    • Point Standings - SW region
    • Point Standings - W region
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Awards, Championships and Point Standings for the 2021 season.
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Due to the impact of COVID-19 plus nationwide shutdowns and in turn, cancelation of many rides throughout AERC's regions, AERC will not award or recognize 2020 National Awards associated solely with 2020 competitions.