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About AERC

The American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 1972 as a national governing body for long distance riding. Over the years it has developed a set of rules and guidelines designed to provide a standardized format and strict veterinary controls. At the same time it has sought to avoid the rigidity and complexity so characteristic of many other equine disciplines.

From its beginnings in the American West, the AERC has spread roots both nationally and internationally. The AERC sanctions more than 700 rides each year throughout North America. In 1978 the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) recognized endurance riding as an international sport, and since that date the U.S. and Canada have fielded teams in many FEI competitions throughout the world. In 1993 Endurance became the fifth discipline under the United States Equestrian Team, now known as the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).

In addition to promoting the sport of endurance riding, the AERC encourages the use, protection, and development of equestrian trails, especially those with historic significance. Many special events of four to six consecutive days take place over historic trails, such as the Pony Express Trail, the Outlaw Trail, the Chief Joseph Trail, and the Lewis and Clark Trail. The founding ride of endurance riding, the Western States Trail Ride or "Tevis Cup," covers 100 miles of the famous Western States and Immigrant Trails over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. These rides promote awareness of the importance of trail preservation for future generations and foster an appreciation of our American heritage.

AERC Mission Statement: To promote the sport of endurance riding and to encourage and enforce the safe use of horses in demonstrating their endurance abilities in a natural setting through the development, use and preservation of trails. Further, AERC's mission is to maintain horse and ride records of event competition and completions, to record and provide awards to outstanding horses and riders, to ensure that all sanctioned events are conducted in a safe, fair and consistent manner, and to actively promote and conduct educational efforts and research projects that will foster a high level of safety and enjoyment for all horses and riders. The above is to be accomplished with the understanding that goals for the rider must be meshed with the abilities of the horse. Part of AERC's mission is to attract and reward members who act to insure the highest priority for their horses' immediate and long-term physical and emotional health and well-being.

AERC Vision Statement: To be the preeminent authority and leader in developing and promoting the sport and pastime of endurance riding in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world.

AERC Strategic Plan: Adopted in 2015 and revised in 2018 by the AERC Board of Directors. Click to see the 2018 AERC Strategic Plan.

AERC Bylaws: Last amended in 2003 by vote of the members of AERC. Click to see the Amended Bylaws of the American Endurance Ride Conference, Inc..

AERC Articles of Incorporation: This link includes both the 2001 and original 1972 versions of the Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of California..

Privacy Policy: We may share your contact information with our trusted partners.

Refund Policy: Handled on a case by case basis – please contact the office if you have any questions.

Publication Guidelines. Articles for Endurance News and AERC Extra which are of a veterinary nature or those that, in the opinion of the AERC office staff, require approval by those more expert in the field, will be passed along to the Veterinary Committee Chair and/or Veterinary Committee for review. With all article submissions, the AERC office staff reserves the right to consult other committees and/or individuals with expertise in the subject matter for review. Submission of an article to Endurance News does not guarantee publication. Articles approved for publication will be edited for content, grammar/punctuation, and to fit the available space. (May 2019)

Membership Effective Date: The date you purchase your membership is the date your membership becomes effective. Likewise, the date an equine is registered with AERC is the date that horse registration becomes effective.

AERC Ride Season: The AERC ride year begins December 1 and continues through November 30. Membership in AERC is by the ride season and is not prorated.

AERC National Office
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6027 • Auburn, CA 95604
Street Address: 1373 Lincoln Way, Suite A • Auburn, CA 95603

Call us: 866-271-2372 • 530-823-2260
Fax: 530-823-7805


Updated 8/1/19