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At Your First Ride

photo by C. Mike Tomlinson, DVM


YouTube videos from AERC -- learn the basics of arriving at camp, horse camping, packing a crew bag, the control check exam and how to stay on trail. Also, a 3-part Vet Check Video designed to teach control judges how to judge equines during vet checks that are very helpful for riders as well.

Long Distance Trailering Webinar: How to safely transport your horse long distances. Thank you to the Southeast Endurance Riders Association for sharing this webinar, filmed in 2021.

General Information:

What to Expect At Your First Ride

25 Tips for Having Fun on Your First Ride by Judy Etheridge

Crewing, from the AERC Rider's Handbook (Chapter 11)

All About Electrolytes -- For Endurance Riders, by Cherry Stockton

Equine Management During a Ride:

A High-Speed Review of Hydration (pdf), by Susan Garlinghouse, DVM

The Importance of Hydration in the Endurance Horse (pdf), by Barbara McCrary

Coping With Heat and Humidity (pdf), by Angie McGhee

Hydration 101: Learn to Prevent Problems by Ken Marcella, DVM

Lessons from the Other Side of the Vet Line (pdf), by Melinda Newton, DVM

Endurance Etiquette:

Safety and Etiquette for Endurance and LD Riders (pdf), by Jackie Bumgardner

"Unwritten Rules" from

photo by C. Mike Tomlinson, DVM


Holds and Veterinary Checks:

Checklist for Holds at AERC Rides (Word document) -- so you can edit as you wish or in a PDF document

Vet Check and Completion Exam How-To by Carol Thompson and Dinah Rojek

. . . . . . . . . . . Like this . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Not this

Presenting Your Equine to a Control Judge by Dinah Rojek

Sample AERC Rider Card (pdf)

CRI: Cardiac Recovery Index, by Kerry J. Ridgway, DVM, from Atlantic Canada Trail Riding Association

Pull Codes by Melissa Ribley, DVM (this was written for veterinarians but is a very good explanation of AERC pull codes)


Updated 6/8/21