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Membership Recognition

NOTE: 2020 National Awards -- where riders compete nationwide for points and miles -- will not be given due to the extraordinary nature of this ride season. Not given for 2020: Bill Stuckey Award, Bill Thornburgh Family Award, Bob and Julie Suhr Spouse Award, Pioneer Award, Jim Jones Stallion Award, War Mare Award, Kathy Brunjes Young Rider Award, National 100 Mile Award, Junior National 100 Mile Award, National Mileage Award, National Limited Distance Mileage Award, National Best Condition Award, National Limited Distance Best Condition Award, Rookie Award.

The following awards will be recognized at the end of the 2020 ride season: Decade Team, Longevity Award, 3000-mile equines and 5000-mile riders.

The following will be awarded in March at the virtual AERC convention: Pard'ners, HOF Equine, HOF Person, Perfect Ten, Ann Parr Trails Preservation Award, Volunteer Service Award, 5000 Mile Equines (and 1000 mile increments beyond 5000), breed association awards, regional awards, and the Anne Ayala Scholarship.

AERC Awards Programs – an introduction to AERC's awards

National Award Winners – AERC's annual awards program winners (all-time)

Hall of Fame Members

Pard'ners Award Recipients

Hall of Fame Equines

AERC Decade Teams

AERC Double Decade Teams

AERC Equine Longevity Award Program

Perfect Ten Equines

100 Mile Incentive Program

Ann Parr Trails Preservation Award Recipients

Volunteer Service Award Recipients

3000 Mile Equines

5000 Mile Riders

Top 100 Limited Distance Riders

Top 100 Limited Distance Equines

Breed Association Awards

AERC's Ride One More incentive program

AERC "Century Club"

Specialized Saddles Rookie Award

HERO Award for outstanding AERC volunteers

Young Rider Team Challenge (Note: on hold - watch for this in a future season

Updated 3/4/21